Underground Adventures

Recently, the mystical Muddy's Underground gnomes have embarked on a new adventure! As we head to Broad Avenue, our final destination, we made a temporary pit stop at Trolley Stop Market. Could you think of a better place to stop on a trip? I certainly can't. When the word "pit stop" comes to mind, I think of Chex Mix, candy bars, soda and Combos...nothing I would want to eat more than once a year on a long car trip. But, when you make a pit stop at the Trolley Stop Market, you can dream big my friends.

Let's first talk about the overwhelming hospitality that we have received on our detour. The nine bakers that make up the Underground team have been working in Trolley Stop's second kitchen, which they rent out to locals who want to take advantage of a certified kitchen. They also use this multi-dimensional space as a cannery. As if that wasn't enough, there are also two Trolley Stop Market cooks/bakers, Robert and Ms. Helen, who are in the kitchen daily cooking up aromatic and tasty breads, desserts, soups and oh, so much more.

The unassuming and quietly witty Robert is a genius when it comes to bread making. And then there is the jovial and kind, Ms. Helen, who has adopted all nine of us during our visit. Everyday she makes sure we get to taste whatever she makes, like the loving and spoiling grandmother you always see on TV and wished you had. Robert and Ms. Helen have been overwhelmingly kind to us! We have basically overtaken their entire kitchen and they just work around us without a fuss, and genuinely don't mind our company. They know all of our names, which I personally think is impressive, and they even know certain foods we like and dislike, due to all the food trading that goes on daily. Although Robert and Ms. Helen are the two employees we interact with most, every other staff member that I have encountered has been so friendly! The owners, Keith and Jill, come in regularly to check on us and ask how we are doing, while other employees pop in to say hello and chat. The hospitality of the Trolley Stop Market staff has exceeded my expectations and made me truly thankful that they are here in Memphis, for reasons other than their delicious food!

Now, let's talk food. Working at Trolley Stop Market has allowed me to be adventurous and try some new dishes that I do not normally order when I come to eat. Well, I think I have tasted every soup now, and each one is awesome! If you have never ordered soup, you need to. Ms. Helen brews up a big, fresh pot daily. All of their bread is incredible. Everyday we get to see Robert make a huge batch of bread from scratch and watch Ms. Helen make homemade corn bread and biscuits. Try them all, they will melt in your mouth and make you feel warm inside, the way a home-cooked meal does.

When I sum up our last few weeks in the extra kitchen at Trolley Stop Market, I have nothing but good things to say. Everyone at Trolley Stop has been wonderful and overflowing with patience and hospitality. It has certainly taken some resilience and adapting on our part, but we are being stretched as people and growing as bakers in an experience like this. Above all else, we have been given such a rare and unique opportunity to work so closely with another local business in a time of need. How often do you see situations like this one? The answer is not often, and I know the Underground bakers are so thankful that Trolley Stop opened their home to us in a time of need. We have so enjoyed your company, food and friendship over the past few weeks!


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