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Updates re: Wellness Protocols- May 2021

Updates re: Wellness Protocols- May 2021
***Edit June 24: There is a more recent Covid update posted here***

While the local mask mandate ends May 15, the CDC still advises that retailers maintain a mask policy and urges individuals (both vaccinated & unvaccinated) to continue using a mask while shopping indoors.  At Muddy’s, we'll keep following CDC guidelines as closely as possible.


What wellness practices will STAY a bit longer? 
In effect at least through June 30. I'll keep informed of ongoing guidance and communicate any changes ahead of time.
  • Masks will still be required indoors and we’ll keep encouraging 6ft space between groups.
  • Touchless payment only (no cash handling).
  • ‘Queen of Clean’ will keep making frequent sanitizing rounds.
  • Staff wellness protocols (ie: health checks, etc) will remain stringent.
What will loosen up at Muddy’s after May 15?
  • Coffee self-serve will return. You can doctor your cup exactly to your taste at our fixins station. Of course, hand sanitizer will be available.
  • While masks will still be required indoors, they will not be required at the outdoor preorder pickup station.
  • Our corporate training classes will still be available virtually, but we’re also booking in-person trainings for private groups again.
What about the bakery case and indoor seating?
YES, both will return... as part of our renovation!  Our office cubbies & storage will move next door (with our new kitchen classroom!) when that phase of the build-out is finished. That means the size of the “bake sale” will double, making room for the bakery case, seating, etc.  It’s gonna be so awesome, y’all.
psssst... renovation update posted further down!

Buckle Up... It Might Get Bumpy 
Yes, it might get a little confusing as now different businesses may have different rules. 
As a business owner, I believe good service includes communicating “House Rules” clearly & consistently. Rather than argue or attempt to convince someone to my point of view, I would rather be clear about our choices so that you're set up for success making yours.
As a guest visiting other businesses, I plan to pay extra attention to posted signs, etc so that I understand the norms of a place before entering. 

A Peek Into the Inner Dialogue
For extra entertainment value, just imagine me arguing with myself in the mirror.
  • Me: "Ugh, I'm so sick of masks."
  • Also-me: Yes, we all are.  The team is too.  We wear our masks the entire time we are at work, usually 7-9 hours a day.  But our safety and that of our customers is worth some discomfort.

  • Me: "Any given customer probably only spends about 10 minutes in here and interacts with one, maybe two, employees..."
  • Also-me: Yes, but that same day, the employee is here 7-9 hours and interacts with 75-125 customers...

  • Me: "Folks are getting more and more irritable, and even angry... it's uncomfortable having these conversations."
  • Also-me: You're wearing the big-girl pants, Kat. Your job as a leader is to make the best decision you can with the information available. Your staff & customers are relying on you to provide a safe environment. Some people aren't going to like it and that's just part of the deal. 

  • Me: "Ok, I needed that tough love... thanks, I guess"
  • Also-me: You're welcome. Remember, y'all have chosen caution consistently and it has worked.  In 11 months of being re-opened, not a single team member has gotten sick and Muddy's has not had to stop operating due to a Covid outbreak. Keep on keepin' on. 
Additional resources
These are internally created using the best guidance we could find.  I'm not claiming they're perfect or that I'm a health expert. We share them in hopes that it might be useful to others running small businesses or organizations.  We're all doing our best and helping each other!

At Muddy's, it's our practice to end each shift with a round of appreciations... so in closing, I want to share a THANK YOU.
Y’all have been great during this whole journey.
This is a turbulent time to run a small business (or be a parent, or a front-line worker, or heck, a human). I've been nervous about the mandate ending, as lack of consistency tends to yield more confusion & frustration (understandably).  Incidents of rudeness and hostility have already increased lately and those encounters are always demoralizing, sometimes frightening.
That said, by a very wide margin, rude folks are the exception, not the rule...
Our customers are kind, generous, and supportive.  Y’all treat my team- and other guests- with dignity & courtesy.  When I hear retail/food-service terror stories, it reminds me just how blessed we are because we have YOU
I’ve said it before and will say it again-- we have the best customer community in the whole wide world. Thank you so much for being you. You truly do make a difference and we appreciate you enormously.

As always, if you have questions, please reach out to me at