V Day Guessing Game Winners!!!

The big question on everyone's lips...

How many cupcakes did Muddy's sell on Valentine's Day????

Thanks to everyone who played a guess and CONGRATS to Wes Phillips who guessed 3,416! The actual number of cupcakes sold from the bakery case was 3,433 and he got the closest. Wes has won a dozen assorted cupcakes and a cherry pie!

We also counted the TOTAL number of cupcakes sold (this time including pre-ordered cupcakes) and that number is 4,566. We decided to award a runner-up prize to the person whose guess was closest to that number, so congrats to William Rosser who guessed 4,675. William has won a two dozen assorted cookies!

For the nerds who are wondering how the numbers broke down, here's how folks guessed...

The smallest guess was 73 cupcakes... and the largest was 32,763!

30% guessed less than 1,000

23% guessed 1,000-1,999

16% guessed 2,000-2,999

9% guessed 3,000-3,999

7% guessed 4,000-4,999

5% guessed 5,000-5,999

1% guessed 6,000-6,999

9% guessed more than 7,000

THANKS to everyone who came out to the shop and made our Valentine's Day so special!!!

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