For Lovers AND Haters: Our Valentine's Week Menu!

For Lovers AND Haters: Our Valentine's Week Menu!

To be honest, Valentine’s Day has never been my favorite. It's all felt either a bit over-the-top (even for me!) or a reminder of some sadder emotions of the past. So what do you do to a holiday that you just don't feel the love for? You make it your FAVORITE menu of the year! The Muddy's tradition is that we have treats for every heart: full of love, broken, or somewhere in between. So whether you have a sweetheart to spoil, feelings to eat, or cherished friendships to celebrate, we have a feast fit for the pro- AND anti-Valentine’s Day people. All these treats are available in shop or for preorder from February 11th – 16th!

Pro- Valentine’s Flavors

True Love

Classic strawberry cake with swirly twirly raspberry buttercream and heart sprinkles, this sweet pairing is simply meant to be! You can even order it as a super special cake for that super special someone V-Day week only. *all the heart eyes* 

Cherry Heart Cookies

Who says Valentine’s Day is all about romantic love? Pick up this pink butter cookie + hint of cherry cream cheese icing for the dearest friend in your life that deserves a bit of adoration. AND these are available for preorder ALL month! (Pictured top left.)

Heart Jam Cookies

Seeing these cookies in the case always makes my heart skip a beat! We take two of our tender butter cookies, sandwich them with jam, and add a sweet powdered sugar sprinkling for the final touch. Treat the person in your life who deserves the most love: YOU!  

Hot Hot Hot

Feeling a bit SPICY this Valentine’s Day? Kick it up a notch with our Hot Hot Hot cupcakes! Made with our signature devil’s food chocolate cake + a kick of cinnamon-cayenne buttercream and rolled in shimmery red sanding sugar, it is sure to keep the fires of love burning. (Pictured top left!)

Anti-Valentine's Flavors

Ashes of Old Flames

Bury those lingering bad memories under the deliciousness of our Ashes of Old Flames cupcakes once and for all! This cupcake features a vanilla-chocolate chip cake (wow!) that we top with our classic Oreo buttercream. With a decadent dark chocolate ganache drizzle and bone sprinkles on top, one taste will leave all of those negative feelings in the dust! (Pictured top right.)

The Grinch

Feeling a bit bah-humbug this Valentine’s Day? Match that grinchy, heart-too-small state with its sweet treat equivalent: the tartness of key lime cake and the tanginess of cream cheese icing. A flavor combo so good, the Grinch cupcake should leave you with a hair-curling grin. 

Voodoo Men

What better way to eat your feelings (and maybe even take out a little anger) with these fun Voodoo Men. Sink your teeth into one of these yummy butter cookies and eat all your troubles away-- at least for as long as the cookie lasts! (Pictured top right.)

Bitter with Baggage

We’ve all been there. Don’t just lean into the not-so pleasant feelings you may have about this day, but give it a full-on EMBRACE! Treat yourself to our decadent chocolate cake topped with espresso buttercream, drizzled with a dark chocolate ganache. You deserve it!

...PLUS some especially LOVEly surprise goodies from our Custom Studio team!

So whether or not you are feeling the love this year, we are ready to meet you where you are with a bit of lovin' from the oven. We love you, Memphis!

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