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veep! (manager of awesome)

OMGeeee!? I have a big BIG announcement! It's official: biggest little brother Kip is joining the Muddy's team FULL TIME as my right-arm-dude and manager of awesome as of June 1.

Kip has been a senior promotions producer at Fox13 for about 5 years and is ready for a change. You probably recognize him as the guy in plaid who works the bakery case Saturday nights. The man has an incredible work-ethic and is a super supporter of the bakery; as such, he recently made the decision to bring his mad skillz to the bakery as my VP and right-arm-dude. PHEW!

He will be working the case and register like usual (just more often) but also helping me accomplish a lot of the behind the scenes work (of which there is way more than anyone would ever guess... and any one person can stay on top of). The idea is to bring my workweek down from about 80 hours a week to a more modest and family-friendly 60 hours a week and also bring some fresh ideas, etc to the bakery.