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warning: public display of affection

Please please please forgive me. I realize this isn't strictly "bakery related", but I just have to publicly gush for a minute...
Thomas Robinson is without a doubt the MOST considerate man that exists anywhere on this planet.
He makes a fresh pot of coffee for me almost every morning when he leaves for work.
He constantly helps out around the house WITHOUT being asked.
He helps at the bakery and never lets me feel overwhelmed.
He stops by Petco randomly on the way home from work just to get special treats for our dogs.
He brings me chai lattes in bed on Sunday mornings that he picks up on his way home from teaching Sunday school.
And last night, I got home from work around 10-ish at night and when I went in the back to kick off my shoes, I found THIS (see photo) on my bedside table.

Thomas = Great Guy :)