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we love gwen, and so do you!

You know how I know you love Gwen? Because you can't help but love all of the yummy stuff she makes for our case at Muddy's Bake Shop! We bakers love to eat all the yummy things she makes as much as you do, but an even bigger treat is getting the chance to work with this awesome lady everyday.

Gwen joined our team at the end of February, making her our newest full-time baker. And here she is, just two and a half months into working in the Muddy's Kitchen, baking like a pro! I've seriously never seen such a natural baker, and honestly, you would never pick her out for a new girl. She can make a cupcake as fast as any of us and ice them as beautifully as the best!

Like many of us at Muddy's, Gwen's only baking experience prior to joining the team was in her own home kitchen. She applied at Muddy's looking to get out of the office and into some really hands-on work: she wanted work that would be rewarding in both the quality of the product as well as the happiness she passed along to the customer. And what better place to find that rewarding experience than baking at Muddy's?

Gwen says that making cookie dough is her favorite task, because it reminds her of baking at home. Her least favorite task (unfortunately!) is scooping all those cookies! She says she was surprised to learn just how much baking professionally makes her hands hurt (amen to that, sister!), but she still wouldn't trade the job for the world.

Just the other day, Gwen tried her first Cappuccino Cupcake, cappuccino icing atop a tender vanilla cupcake, and she says it is her favorite without contest. She wants all of our wonderful customers to try it too, and to come back for more if it's already on their list of favorites!

Besides the Cappuccino Cupcake, Gwen's favorite thing about baking at Muddy's is working with the team in the kitchen. 'They are the best!' she says. And of course you already know our opinion. Ten out of ten bakers agree, 'Gwen is the best!'

Come taste Gwen's handiwork in our case this week! We know you'll agree with us that Gwen is pretty awesome and lovable when you taste the love she puts into everything she makes!