we've spilled the beans-- find local j. brooks coffee at muddy's!

Now that we have spent the last five years perfecting our bakery delicacies, it was only a matter of time before we had to search for the perfect accompaniment. We didn't have to look far when we stumbled across local coffee roasters, J. Brooks. 

J. Brooks is a proud member of the Memphis community, and you know how we LOVE local. They are a dedicated team of coffee enthusiasts and not only do they have a wide variety of scrumptious coffee flavors like Spirit of Memphis but also they have created a blend especially for us! Gnome Sweet Gnome is our very own light coffee blend that pairs beautifully with desserts and sweet treats. During our open house last spring, we had a taste test of three different blends that we wanted to serve in our shop and the tasters picked the best for our house blend! 

We are proud to serve is locally roasted and locally owned from these one-of-a-kind coffee aficionados. J. Brooks is as passionate about their coffee as we are about our cupcakes and pies! Come in today and try a cup for yourself!

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