Muddy’s Journal

wedding bells!!!

Congratulations to Susye and Nick!
In case you missed the excitement last week, two of our customers got engaged last week... Nick proposed to Susye in Muddy's!!! We've all been swooning over the romance of it all... cupcakes AND a ring!

Laura, one of our resident badass bakers, wrote adorable letters on the cupcakes, "Marry me Susye?"
Nick brought Susye to Muddy's, where he'd already placed a special order for cupcakes asking her to marry him, and he asked at the counter for a flavor he knew we didn't have that week. Anne (who had been previously made aware of her role) said "oh, have a seat and let me check in the back for you!" and brought out his order to him and he asked Susye to marry him! (She totally said yes).

We've had our goodies used at weddings and even in a proposal, but this was the first proposal actually IN the shop. Huzzah!!! Congratulations!!!!!!

Susye was sweet enough to email me a couple of photos from the big event. Thanks Susye!