Wednesday Mini Market

Wednesday Mini Market

Hi friends!  If you're like me, you've had trouble getting some baking basics and pantry goods at the grocery store. 
I'm delighted to share with you that thanks to the help of our Sysco rep and a few local suppliers, we are stocked with a modest selection of grocery goods that are available for preorder. 
(AP flour, bread flour, yeast, sugar, milk, butter, eggs, salt, quinoa, frozen broccoli, paper towel, toilet paper, and a few other things)

All pickups are Wednesdays 11am-1pm at our kitchen (2497 Broad Ave). 

How it works:

  1. Place your order by Monday night via our website. 
    Be sure you've selected the correct date for pickup (all options are Wednesdays).  
  2. Check your email for a confirmation. 
    Double check to ensure all the details are correct!
  3. Pick up at our Kitchen/HQ on Wednesday 11am-1pm.
    Just knock on the door and we will greet you, get your name, and bring your order to you... 100% touchless, but with a big smile!  

It's just two of us running this thing and we're excited to help out! 
Supplies are very limited and we may sell out of items.  Since we're closed, we don't exactly have a ton of operating cash to buy up a huge qty of supplies that might sit around... so we are going to try to figure out demand as we go. :)
Our system doesn't let us set a qty per day, so we "refill" the online inventory on Wed night based on what we order for the coming week.
If you'd like to suggest an item we aren't stocking, let me know and I'll add it to our "wish list".

THANK YOU!  xoxo

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