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Why I Love My Job - Karen M.

Hello everybody! Most of you probably don't know me because I'm a baker at Muddy's Underground. It's not really underground, but it makes us all feel a little cooler when we call it that. Anyway, as I was taking my lunch break today (trying to decide what to write a blog about), I got a call from my dad. We chit chat for a bit and then he asks, as he always does, "...Are you at work?" And today he followed it up with, "You always sound so relaxed and happy when I call, so I'm surprised when you tell me you're at work." To which I replied, "Oh, that's just because I love my job."

Which is a pretty amazing thing, if you think about it. Most of us spend about a quarter of our lives at work; whether or not you're happy about it can really affect your life. I got to thinking about the aspects of my job that contribute to its overall awesomeness, and I figured I should share them with you:

1. I'm constantly surrounded by cupcakes and pies. How can this not make me happy? I have a pretty big sweet tooth, so yeah, every day is an exercise in self-control. But even when I'm not stuffing my face with them, just looking at something cute/delicious that I made is enough to make me feel good.

2. I'm constantly surrounded by amazing people. My coworkers are just plain great: Janine, Leah, Chris, Megan & Meghan, Tim and Robyn. Mosey on over to "meet your maker" and check 'em out. Everyone pulls their own weight and has fun doing it. They're positive and hardworking, which is so important to a happy work atmosphere. I've had jobs in the past where there were one or two really negative people... you know the type- always complaining about something. This tends to have a very bad domino effect, putting everyone in a sour mood. Which leads me to...

3. I'm constantly laughing at work. Okay, maybe not constantly, as that would be freaky... but I do have a healthy dose of laughter meds every single day. If you find yourself hating your job, try telling a new joke every day. Be that positive person that puts everyone in a good mood. It can make a world of difference. If you really want to get everyone feeling upbeat, try having a theme day. We come up with a silly theme and dress up for it every few weeks, and those are always the best days.

4. I try to look on the bright side. It's so easy to get bogged down by things that go wrong, or the little pet peeves that drive us mad. It's human nature. But every day I make an effort to see the things that go right, or the little things that make my day better. Doing so eases your stress a lot, and I find it can be contagious!

5. I have awesome bosses. Kip is Bawesome, if you will. Your supervisor can make it or break it as far as job satisfaction goes, and I'm fortunate enough to answer to someone who is understanding, hard-working, and just all-around fun to work with. Not to mention the all-around-fabulous Kat, who is the reason Muddy's is what it is. Not only is it a wonderful place to visit for a treat or a smile, it's everything a local business should be. Everyone involved should be proud to be a part of it. I sure am.