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"you really can taste the difference" in our espresso!

"What kind of espresso is this?" It's a question we frequently hear at the Grind House, usually accompanied by raised eyebrows and a smile that says that first sip was heaven. While we are committed to a rotating offering of drip coffees, our espresso is always the crema of the crop: Zingerman's Espresso Blend #1!

Zingerman's motto, "You really can taste the difference!" is a well-founded claim. Taking a uniquely caring and conscious approach to everything they do, Zingerman's Coffee Company prides themselves on the series of "deliberate choices" that goes into every small batch of roasted coffee they produce. Every crop cycle they cup an extensive selection of coffees before selecting which will have the honor of becoming the next season's blend.

Their current blend of espresso, the one lovingly served here at Muddy's Grind House, is a singe-estate blend hailing from Daterra Estate in Brazil. There the master cupper Carlos Borges painstakingly tastes, sorts, and blends every crop of beans. You can even know the name of the farmer behind every espresso drink served here at Muddy's Grind House: Luis Norberto Pascoal! His is no small family farm, but you can be sure this sustainability-conscious estate uses every acre with care.

But what good is knowing the source behind a crummy cup of coffee? Not only can we be proud of where our coffee comes from; we can brag that it tastes pretty good too! All the skilled hands that handle this medium-roasted espresso ensure that every properly brewed cup will be rich and smooth, complex and lively. At Zingerman's, they generally prefer a "sweet, clean, well developed" roast, which creates an espresso with only just enough bright acidity to make it interesting--never bitter. Many who have never been into lattes without vanilla or hazelnut find it's a shame to cover the natural nuttiness and sweetness of these very special beans!

We at Muddy's Grind House are proud to be the only place in Memphis where you can find a well-brewed cup of Zingerman's espresso. We encourage you to join us today at the shop and see for yourself if "you really can taste the difference" in our espresso drinks!