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you're the best around

Today is Thomas' birthday. I'd like to take the opportunity to gush for just a minute about how lucky I am to have such a great guy.

This is a man who constantly encourages and supports me. He pulls much more than his share of the weight around the house. He spoils our two dogs rotten. He spoils ME rotten. He does all sorts of little wonderful things "just because". He has the best sense of humor, loves my family, is super-smart, and is pretty cute too! He calms me down when I'm stressed out, he's super-understanding when my job interferes with our plans, and he always encourages me to shine as brightly as I want. He's a fantastic uncle - everyone always loves to see him!

He has chosen to the non-profit sector for his career (MIFA) when he has the talent and education to do something more lucrative. He also is a volunteer coach at White Station High School lacrosse, which takes up the majority of his free time during the season and a good bit of it in off-season in preparation. Also, he makes me fresh coffee every single morning. He's a great cook, makes me laugh, and keeps my wits sharp. He's my very best friend and I'm so thankful he was born!