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Mini Cake

Mini Cake

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You favorite Muddy's layer cake, in an adorable "smash" cake size! Share with a friend... or eat it all by yourself. We won't tell! ;-)

**Note on inscriptions: short inscriptions (like numbers or monograms) will fit nicely on the top of the cake. Anything longer will be inscribed around the base on the cake board. 

Prozac: our signature devils' food chocolate cake with luscious chocolate buttercream & sprankles
Plain Jane: our yum-mazing vanilla cake paired with scratch-made vanilla buttercream & sprankles
Strawberry Fields Foreverdecadent strawberry cake slathered with a rich, homestyle strawberry buttercream
Truman Capote: rich chocolate cake slathered with vanilla buttercream & sprankles
Classic: our signature buttermilk vanilla cake with chocolate buttercream & sprankles... like grandma used to make!
Lemon Zinger: sweet vanilla cake with tart & tangy lemon cream cheese icing & a lemon zest-sugar garnish
Red Velvet: southern style red velvet cake with tangy cream cheese icing
Sprankle Surprise: vanilla confetti cake with vanilla buttercream & sprankles

4" 'smash' cake: serves 2

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