Giving Back

In-kind and Auction Donations

Will Muddy's donate to my favorite charity / school / event ?

Maybe... but probably not.

Wait, WHAT?!?!

We overhauled our outreach and going forward, we are doing MORE of less: more effort, more time, more money, more focus.  We are committing LESS small donations all over the city (like gift cards for auctions) in favor of MORE volunteer man hours and MORE carefully selected big gifts. 

How ya doin' that?

We've implemented a bold new volunteerism program!  
Muddy’s employees may opt to spend up to 90 minutes every week volunteering in one of three community partners-- MIFA, GrowMemphis, & Streets Ministries-- all on the clock as part of their paid 40 hour week. We polled the staff to see what areas of outreach they found the most compelling and they chose hunger and education; two systemic issues greatly affecting the Memphis area.  

We feel that by honing our efforts of both time and money on two root problems in our community we can be more effective in driving positive change in Memphis-- the difference between a sprinkler and a fire hose! Muddy's staffers are active participants in building community WITH our neighbors, not just donating money from a distance. They are delivering meals, planting community gardens, and tutoring kids and they're growing as leaders themselves while doing it-- and hopefully building a lifelong habit of community involvement.

So, we’re doing more of less… and we think it’s going to make a lot MORE of a difference!

Want to learn more about our volunteerism project?  Read up!

rocwpc jar(refill our community with positive change!)

Don't worry, "the jar" hasn't gone anywhere.  Since Day 1, our ROCWPC jar has been a customer favorite and we love that y'all get involved and keep this going-- it's YOUR cents that add up and we love getting nominations from you. 

How it works: we do not accept tips for our service; instead, our staff votes on adifferent non-profit each month to receive the proceeds of our ROCWPC Jar.  Hip hip hooray!

We welcome nominations for “The Jar” and every quarter our team reviews the nominations and votes to determine the following quarter’s featured non-profits (one each month).  All recipients MUST be registered 501c3’s, but nominations are welcome from friends, neighbors, customers, employees, and the organizations themselves.  

Please make a nomination by CLICKING HERE.

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