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how many locations do you have?

We have two retail locations and one "secret" kitchen.  Visit our East Memphis shop at 5101 Sanderlin #114 38117 for loads of tasty baked treats and the Midtown shop at 585 S Cooper 38104 for tasty treats PLUS a full service coffee bar!  
We occasionally host pop up shops, classes, and tour events at our Kitchen on Broad Ave, however it is not usually open to the public.

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What kind of a name is “Muddy”?

“Muddy” was Kat and Kip's grandmother, Jayne Bond, who passed away when they were little. Mom said there was always a cake on the kitchen counter about to be taken to someone- friends, family, someone in the hospital or a home, etc. It was her way of making a difference in someone’s day. Since that’s pretty much the whole reason we’re doing this business, it seemed a fitting tribute!

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Why aren’t you open on Sundays? I want my sugar fix!!!

Because Jesuuuuus don’t make no cupcakes on Sunday (sung all blues-y like).

It is important to us to observe a day of rest; it keeps our lives and priorities balanced by setting aside time for our families.

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How long have you been open?

We opened our doors February 29th, 2008. We’re a leap baby!

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What forms of payment do you accept?

We take cash, of course, and we also accept most charge cards (Visa, Amex, Mastercard, Discover). While we no longer require a photo ID with charge cards, if your card does say "check ID" we will certainly abide by those wishes.


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Why don’t you take checks?

My dad got tired of calling people and being like, “hey, do you have $30 lying around? … cause it’s not in your bank account. It’d be cool if you could come pay us for your cake.” I don’t blame him; it’s an awkward convo.

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How many treats may I purchase as a walk-in?

Our limit is 6 dozen items per customer, as supplies last. We can only bake a certain amount each day so if you need more than that, we ask that you please place an advance order so that there are enough goodies for everyone. Share and share alike!

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Do you decorate cakes, cupcakes, and/or cookies?

Yes! As a homestyle bakery, we offer inscriptions and sprinkle customization to any flat-iced cake free of charge. (The exceptions are cakes such as the coconut-covered Snowball and our Rosette-style cakes: you don't want to see us try to inscribe those cakes. Trust me.)

For fancier decorations ranging from cookies shaped like your logo to monogrammed cupcakes to two-tier cakes featuring a Hogwarts castle design, look no further than our Custom Studio! If you can dream it, and it can be done well in buttercream icing, we can probably do it. Check out our Custom Studio FAQ for more ideas on what we can (and can't) do!

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Is Muddy’s a kid-friendly environment?

We love children; they’re delicious with buttercream icing. Haha, just kidding…We have oodles of kids’ books and encourage you to bring your children for a fun outing.

We want your family to have fun here, but we ask that you treat our shop the way we would treat your home. We want to be happy to see your family walk in the door and sad to see you go, not the other way around. Please respect the enjoyment of fellow patrons by keeping your well-behaved child with you at all times.

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What kind of bakery runs out of baked goods?

The good kind. Duh.

Here’s the dealio: consumers have been brainwashed to expect that EVERYTHING is mass-produced and shelf-stable and that there is an endless supply of everything “in the back.”

We are a small family bakery specializing in FRESH yummy desserts. We don’t use pre-made mixes (many bakeries do!); we measure our own flour, roll our own pie dough, and break our own eggs. We don’t use preservatives that make our cakes last forever and you can definitely taste that homemade goodness in every bite. Here’s the trade-off: we don’t have miles of freezers “in the back” and aisles of ready-to-go goods. Nor do we have an invisible army of oompa loompas churning out pies by the hundreds…

So if you come in and we’re out of what you were craving, we apologize, but we can only make so much each day!

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May I place a pre-order?

Yes. Yes! YES! We LOVE pre-orders. (we cannot however take same-day orders; if you need something Right Now, it’s luck of the draw, first come first serve, whatever you want to call it!)

You may have noticed that our flavors and goods change often, so if you want something specific or know you’ll need a large quantity, the best thing for everyone is to place an order… just remember, when we’re booked, we’re booked. “Booked” means that all 24 hours of a day are allocated and we are incapable of inventing a 25th hour, even if Sean Connery called and wanted a cake!
Learn the Pre-Order FAQs!

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Do y’all deliver or ship?

If you need local delivery, many of our business clients use Blue Sky Courier and we have heard excellent things about them . For shipping, we partner with Goldbely to provide some delicious options that you can send to your loved ones throughout America. Check it out here!

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Do you discount for bulk?

Nope; we make our goodies with the same great ingredients and same kick-ass awesomeness regardless of whether you’re getting 1 or 500!

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What about special dietary needs?

Right now we are pretty much a nutty, sugary, wheaty, eggy bakery, although we do have a few vegan items available for special order. Also, for the gluten-sensitive we have a handful of items without flour including Coconut Macaroons, Vegan Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars, and Brown Butter Crispy Rice Treats (though we do not recommend these for folks with celiac disease: they are made in a kitchen containing flour).

Because we are a small bakery, we can't 100% guarantee that an item will be free from trace elements. Even products made without flour, peanuts, etc. might have had some contact with that ingredient. It’s Millennial America- you get it.

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How should I store my baked goods?

Our goodies are meant to be eaten the day of purchase, however here are some tips if you plan to save them for later:

  • Cake/cupcakes should be stored at room temperature in an airtight container (Tupperware, cake dome, several layers of Saran wrap…) away from heat.  However, cakes made with boiled icing (like coconut) should be refrigerated.
  • Most pies are best stored in the refrigerator.
  • Cookies are fine stored in an airtight tin or Ziploc bag at room temperature.

Please remember, our goods are not made with lots of preservatives and artificial ingredients to make them stay moist for days, so please don’t store them long!

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My (insert yummy baked item here) doesn’t look absolutely identical to the photo - what gives?

Easy. We hand-make every single item from scratch. We strive for consistency, but without resorting to huge machines, mass-production methods, and automaton workers, there will always be some variation. We think this is charming and authentic, but we’re also totally biased.

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Can I nominate a non-profit for the ROCWPC (refill our community with positive change) jar?

Yes, please! Learn more...

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My school/organization is having an auction/soliciting donations of goods or gift certificates. Will Muddy’s donate?

Depends...learn more!

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Are you hiring?

That depends; do you think being covered in flour and chocolate sounds fun? Check out all hiring info!

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Who painted that fabulous portrait of Muddy?

A very gifted artist named Clare Torina. Clare studied art at the University of Memphis (local artist- woot!) and is available to do portraits of you, your family, your dogs, or your dead grandmother (yay Muddy!), etc. She rocks.

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So why did you get into the bakery business?

A lot of reasons. First, some reasons we DIDN’T go into the business: none of us are bakers or servers to get rich (which is a good thing, because we’d be in for some real disappointment…). We aren’t bakers and servers because we thought it’d be easy (those people get weeded out pretty quickly in this industry!). And we aren’t bakers and servers in order to eat sweets all day… well, that’s not the whole reason at least…

As for why we do it, we love feeling super-productive and going home tired, knowing that we gave our very best. We like being creative with food and interacting with other people. Memphis is a great place to interact with people because we are blessed with so much character; everyone here has a story! We also are bakers and servers because we enjoy active employment; we’re always moving, stirring, reaching, and bending. I know it sounds exhausting (it is!) but it’s also wonderful to feel like you’re really WORKING. Finally, we’re bakers and servers because as individuals we consciously chose careers where we could serve others through food and shared experience.

Our goals are simple: make enough money to support a simple lifestyle, enjoy our work, give back to the community, make a product we’re proud of, honor the Lord, and make your day a little brighter!

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I hope this covers most of the questions. If you have a question I haven’t addressed or just a comment or suggestion, I’d love to hear from you. You can send me a note or call the shop at 901.683.8844!


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