Baking Classes Info and FAQ


We LOVE sharing what we know about baking to set up home bakers for success! We offer both in-person classes AND virtual classes (specific info for those below).

First, by registering for and/or participating in a class or event, you agree to abide by these terms & conditions, so please review carefully and reach out if any questions! 
Now, on to the FAQ...

How much time should I budget?
Each class description should note an estimated end time.  We start right on time; end times are approximate and flex a little depending on students' pace.
Occasionally a class will be a "make & take" style class where we prepare something to be baked at home after class; this will be clear in the class description, otherwise you may assume we're baking everything within the allotted timeframe.

What about the pace? Do I need baking experience?
While i
ndividual bakers' pace & skill level will vary, our classes are intended to be interactive & inclusive. Unless specifically noted otherwise, classes are beginner-friendly with assistance from instructor(s) & time for questions.

What if I need to cancel?
Spaces in our workshops are extremely limited, so all ticket sales are final. However, you may certainly gift your ticket to a friend- just email kirby(at)muddysbakeshop(dot)com to let us know the change in plans.

One more note... Muddy's baking classes are NOT about "being perfect". We prioritize learning, creativity, and fun over perfection! We look forward to seeing you soon!





Muddy's hands-on baking classes are in-depth AND fun! Class sizes are small so students have ample opportunity for guidance & questions. Your instructor will demonstrate every step of the recipe and be available as you try each step yourself. You will have your own work table and will complete the entire recipe... and of course, you'll leave with your goodies!

What to bring/wear:

  • Comfortable clothing you don't mind getting a little floury.
  • Shoes should be closed & flat (no sandals, flip flops, or high heels).
  • We have aprons for you to use, but feel free to bring one if you prefer.
  • You may bring a non-alcoholic beverage with you if you wish.

Who should participate?
Anyone looking to learn, wants to have fun, or just enjoys baking in company. Unless specifically described as a youth class, classes are for adults age 15+.  We occasionally offer youth classes (age 9-15) and classes where parent & child can bake together as a duo.

Where to go/park?
Our classroom/event space is adjacent to our pre-order pick up door. Just look for the door closest to Sam Cooper! Parking is available in our lot, on Broad Ave, and on Merton.

Are classes wheelchair accessible?
All our student tables are height-adjustable, so if you need special accommodations, just let us know ahead of time and we'll have the table and your spot all ready for you!  





Muddy's hands-on baking classes are in-depth AND fun... even when virtual! Class sizes are small so students have ample opportunity for guidance & questions and virtual classes are a great way to get more confident in your own kitchen. Your instructor will demonstrate every step of the recipe and be available as you try each step yourself. 

How does it work exactly?
You purchase your ticket online and this reserves you a spot.  When you register, you'll receive an email containing your "prep packet" and the login credentials for Zoom (be sure to download Zoom on your computer beforehand!). 
The "classroom" will open 5 minutes before the class begins to give everyone time to login, get settled, etc.  Then we bake!
We recommend participants keep their video on- it's more fun for everyone AND is a better learning experience!

What do I need for my class?
A good internet connection, recipe ingredients, and a sense of adventure! Review the recipe in advance-- pay special attention to preheating instructions and ingredient notes. 

What equipment do I need?
Our recipes assume that you have the following available: baking pans, parchment paper, sharp knife, spatula, whisk, spoon, measuring cups and/or a scale, a few bowls.  If other special equipment (ie: stand mixer, rolling pin, etc) is needed or recommended, we will indicate it in the class description.

My child/partner/hamster is taking the class with me. Do we each need to purchase a ticket?
If you’re using the same screen and baking in the same kitchen, you’re covered by a single class ticket. If “logins” are from separate kitchens we respectfully ask you to purchase separate tickets.

Can my child take the class?
We welcome young folk, but do ask that children under 15 take the class along with an adult and be mindful of the other students as well.

Are workshops recorded?
No. In our experience, recording workshops inhibits student participation. In non-recorded classes, students feel less self-conscious and are more likely to ask questions and keep their video on, which helps everyone learn and have a great time. As they say in theater, there’s nothing like doing it live!