pre order faqs

What should I pre-order?

You should place a pre-order if:
  • you need more than a few dozen items
  • you need a whole cake or whole pie
  • you need mini-cupcakes. These wee morsels are ONLY available by pre-order.
  • you need more than a few vegan items

How much notice do you need for a pre-order?

We recommend:
  • 2 business days’ notice (remember we’re closed on Sunday!) for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday pick ups.
  • 3 to 5 business days for Friday and Saturday pick up.

If you’re in a pickle and need something quickly, it never hurts to ask. If we can squeeze it in, we will!

Please remember that this is a guideline, not a guarantee!!! We take as many orders as we can handle but we are limited to what our bakers (and ovens!) can physically produce.

We are a SMALL bakery and we do book up, especially on weekends. We bake ’round the clock to accommodate our orders and once we’re at capacity, we simply cannot take more orders, no matter how much we may want to!

If you have a particularly large order (example: 500 cupcakes for your wedding), the more notice we have, the better.

What If i have to cancel an order?

Life happens. Events get canceled; plans change.If you need to cancel an order, don’t be embarrassed, however we do ask that cancellations be made 2 business days in advance. Since we do turn lots of orders down once we’re booked to capacity, we would love to give someone a chance to fill your spot.

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