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baker's choice: blushing grapefruit pie, and 10 grapefruit facts we betcha didn't know!

It's Valentine's Day week at Muddy's Bake Shop, and you know what that means? Loads of exciting treats you don't see everyday are in the case, and they don't stay for long because Memphians know a good thing when they see it! With all the new and once-a-year goodies to choose from, this week's Baker's Choice was a difficult one. But in honor of National Grapefruit Month and the fact that it is so. freakin'. good., the all-new Blushing Grapefruit Pie is Muddy's Baker's Choice for February 9-14!

It might sound a little strange, but one bite will have you asking where the Blushing Grapefruit Pie has been all your life. Seriously, we at Muddy's LOVE this pie, and we know you will too! A light, melt-in-your-mouth custard pie, the Blushing Grapefruit is loaded with freshly squeezed grapefruit juice--pulp and all--and a whole lotta lovin' from our bakers. Our signature buttery, flaky pie crust sets off the texture of this unique pie perfectly. This pie will have you seeing grapefruit in a whole new beautiful light for the rest of the season, trust me.

And now, because we are such huge fans of this pie and the fruit that makes it possible, here are 10 Facts About Grapefruit to contemplate as you enjoy your own slice of heaven, also known as Blushing Grapefruit Pie.

1. Grapefruit's name is inspired by the fact that it grows in clusters, similar to oversized grapes.

2. A relative newcomer to the fruit world, it was first discovered in Barbados in 1750.

3. Grapefruit is a hybrid (probably naturally occurring) of the pomelo and the sweet orange.

4. Grapefruit was first known as "the forbidden fruit." I know I, for one, am personally glad someone was brave enough to try it!

5. Grapefruit makes a great subject for artwork, as can be seen in local artist Sunny Montgomery's lovely watercolor!

6. Florida grows 70% of the world's grapefruit.

7. Grapefruit is the official state fruit of Texas.

8. The sweetness of grapefruit is not determined by whether it is white, pink, or red, but by the microclimate where the fruit was grown.

9. Grapefruit is a ridiculously healthy fruit, with each half containing 100% of the daily recommend value of vitamin C. It is also a good source of the antioxidant lycopene, vitamin A, copper, and a whole bunch of other good stuff!

10. It makes flippin' delicious pie! This week come to Muddy's Bake Shop (or Muddy's Grind House if you're in the Midtown area) and find this fact out for yourself with your own slice of our Blushing Grapefruit Pie.