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Cult Cameos for Summer!

Cult Cameos for Summer!

At Muddy's, our gnomies are always baking up exciting new flavors for our cupcakes, cakes, cookies and desserts! But that also means we have to “retire” some of our seasonal treats. Luckily, some of our popular items make a return, and we're so excited to share a few of them with you!

Cult cameos are back! This June and July, check out some of our favorites, available in the case and for pre-order for 2 days only:

June 22nd and 23rd: Pineapple Paradise cupcakes. Moist pineapple cake topped with our 7-minute marshmallow-y pineapple icing.
July 20th-July 21st: Molasses Cookie Sammich. Gingerbread molasses cookies sandwiched with cream cheese icing.
July 27th-28th: Peachy Keen Pie: fresh peaches with brown sugar baked in a delicious and flaky buttery crust.

Remember, these treats are making their cameo appearances for just 2 days, so stop in!