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gnome sweet gnome

Yay! Look what one of my employees, Lucinda, got for me!!!

I arrived yesterday morning and found this adorable mat on my desk.

Some have asked "what's up with the gnomes?? Does Kat have a weird obsession or something?" The answer is no, I do not have a weird obsession. I just like them; they're cheerful, mischievous, and funny. The gnome thing actually got started about 6 or 7 years ago when I impulse-bought a bunch of them at a garage sale. The intent was to find more and then go "gnome" my brother Kip's front yard, but I never got enough for the project. In the meantime, they'd made themselves at home at my place. Then I started using them as the hosts for my Christmas parties... they even kidnapped Santa one year and the invitation was a ransom note from the gnomes. :)

Anyway, the gnome mat is a fun addition to the shop's decor- a big THANK YOU to Lucinda!!!