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Introducing... Muddy's Fun House!

Introducing... Muddy's Fun House!

Welcome to Muddy's Fun House: Super Fantastic At Home Bake-a-long and Variety Show!

We come full circle...  Muddy's began in my home kitchen and I am, at heart, a home baker.  When I first opened Muddy's as a real bakery with a real shop, I wanted it to feel like you were coming over to my house, getting comfortable, and eating yumazing food with friends.  That was twelve years ago and now here we are, back in my actual home!  
I hope you enjoy the show... it's not your average baking tutorial and it's probably not to everyone's taste.  We made it for folks who like to have fun, who love a little laughter and silly "dad joke", and who like to let their inner kid come out to play.  We made it for YOU.  Enjoy!

Episode 1 is live...  HERE

What can I expect of Muddy's Fun House?
Wackadoodle awkwardness and fun.  Each episode will include a bake-a-long segment as well as at least one "variety" segment-- could be a fun craft, a special guest, or a story. It's a little wacky, a lot o' fun, family friendly entertainment and I encourage you to participate, not just watch!

Will I learn how to be a professional baker by watching?
Probably not. There are loads of tutorials out there for serious bakers and obviously, as a baker myself, I am passionate about the craft.  However, this show is more about fun for all ages, embracing the mess of creativity, and being a little silly than about being a Serious Baker.

What recipes will be on the show? Are they all Muddy's products?
It'll be a mix of my family's home recipes, some Muddy's recipes, and even some recipes from friends around the country. Some will be tried & true goodies I make on the regular at home or in the bake, and others may be you and me learning together.

Is this a Real tv show?
Not at all. This is brand new for us-- low budget, low talent, low video production quality... BIG heart!  :)  We're in my real house and my teeny tiny Midtown kitchen so we're just gonna roll with it.  Also you may hear dogs barking-- that's Phineas and Sophie joining in on the fun.

How can I participate?
First, watch and play along! Try out the bakes and activities, ideally while watching so we can have fun together. 
Also, you can ask questions and send letters-- if you have questions you'd like me to answer on the show, email me at kat(at) or (even better!) send a letter to me at Muddy's Bake Shop ATTN: Fun House  2497 Broad Ave #101 Memphis, TN 38112.

How can we support this creative project and Muddy's?
The episode content is free, but we have a Patreon account and offer some special perks for subscribers!  Check it out here.