Muddy’s Blog

muddy's family is growing ... thanks to you!

As many of you already know, the Muddy's family has experienced a population explosion in the past several weeks! Thanks to you--our loyal and loveable customers--several new jobs have been created, so please pat yourselves on the back for making a positive difference in the Memphis community and economy.


Our new bakers, baristas, and servers are all thankful for the opportunities you've made for them as individuals, as well! Isn't it amazing how it works? You are all truly making Memphis a better, stronger community by partaking of yummy local baked goods and beverages. Keep up the good work, friends!

This humble blogpost makes no pretense of introducing every one of our new team members to you, but I do want to say a special welcome to our new production manager in the kitchen, Bridget!

She's still learning the ropes, but very soon she will be steering the ship to make sure you get the best cupcake, cookie, and pie, every time!