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Muddy's Fun House: episode 7 ... sourdough biscuits & cheering up

Muddy's Fun House: episode 7 ... sourdough biscuits & cheering up

Welcome to Muddy's Fun House: Super Fantastic At Home Bake-a-long and Variety Show... with your host, Kat from Muddy's!

(New to the Fun House? Here's a little FAQ about the show)

In our 7th episode, learn to bake wonderfully flexible, low-key sourdough biscuits and get some tips for when you're feeling a little blue.

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Without further ado... here is episode 7!

Ingredient List for the Bake-a-long:

120 g (1 c) AP flour
2 tsp baking powder
½ tsp salt
113g (1 stick) COLD butter, cut into chunks
approx. 200 g sourdough starter discard  (note: you can substitute buttermilk-- won't be exactly the same, but still yummy!)
optional add ins: freshly ground pepper, ¼ c grated cheese, chopped herbs, etc


      Show Notes for this Episode:

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      • Bake-a-long chapter begins at 2:04
        --Read all about sourdough starters here
        --I looooove these biscuits and while I use my sourdough discard to make them, you can substitute buttermilk in a pinch!
        --Need flour, salt, or other baking essentials? Check out our wee Wednesday market!
      • Cheering Up chapter begins at 25:31
        --"Cheer Up" song recommendations from our dance squad: "Uptown Funk" by Bruno Mars, "Better" by Khalid, "Music's Got Us Falling in Love" by Usher, and "The Love" by Con Bro Chill.  
        ---I have a special playlist to adjust my attitude; enjoy it here.  (note: it is MY personal attitude adjuster... not necessarily Muddy's! lol)
        --Need some cute notecards to send appreciations? Check out our greeting card mystery set!

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      • Special mad props to: 
        Kirby for rockin' those editing skills; CJ & Caolinn for "Audrey" my sourdough starter; Janay, Morgyn, Antoine, Michelle, Charlotte, Wake, Stewart, Thomas, and Gladys for dance party clips; and, of course, all our wonderful patrons on Patreon!