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on a serious note...

I am currently encountering a stunning reality check.

One of my employees is in the ICU with a brain tumor. She is a 22 year old student with a sunny personality, incredible intelligence, and a bright future.

A week ago I was stressing about how we can make more baked goods, satisfy the demand, and work out the fall shift schedule. Those things are important, but they aren't life altering or earth shattering. Honestly, they're probably not worth the frustration and tears I've spent on them. I try to remind myself that "there's no such thing as a cupcake emergency" daily, but people's reactions when told we're booked or we've sold out make my heart pound and honestly, I tend to act like I'm out performing organ transplants or some other vitally important job. It's probably taken my family and friends a stunning amount of restraint to not smack me with a Priority Bat.

Maybe it's my status as eldest child or simply a Type A temperament, but I like to fix things and I want everyone to be happy. If there's a problem, there's a solution... or else. I take it personally if I can't solve a problem, especially for someone I consider 'in my care'.

I don't know what the future holds for my employee, but I know she will face challenges in the very near future that I cannot even comprehend. I can't fix this for her, can't fight this battle for her, and will have to deal with that. I can learn a lesson: some things are important and worth tears and frustration. Some things aren't. I will continue to pray for her and be there in any way she needs me. I will also try to appreciate that if running out of cake is my biggest challenge at the moment, I lead a charmed life indeed.

Please say a prayer for this sweet girl. She IS important.