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staff pick: hummingbird cake!

We at Muddy's Bake Shop have been super-excited about all of the new delicacies on this year's spring menu, but our established springtime favorites absolutely refuse to be overlooked! I craved this week's staff pick throughout the long winter, and boy, oh boy, am I glad it's back! And apparently I'm not the only one: when this scrumptious cake made an appearance on our Facebook page last, it received 186 likes! Once you taste the Hummingbird Cake this week, you'll understand why our staff AND lovely customers here at Muddy's pick this one again and again!

Either you grew up with a grandmother who made Hummingbird Cake, or you don't know what it is. If you fall in the latter category, I both pity you for how long you have lived without this cake, and envy you for the experience that awaits you when you take your first bite of this magical elixir of a cake! This warm-weather fruitcake combines banana, pineapple, and pecans with a hint of cinnamon to create the moistest taste explosion you will experience this spring. All that deliciousness is covered with our tangy, fluffy, incomparable cream cheese icing and garnished with toasted pecans: does life get any better than this?

This cake is tropical but homey, exotic but comforting, and layered with so many nuances of flavor, I know you will be coming back for more! So grab a slice of Hummingbird Cake at Muddy's, where you will find it in the case May 12-17! Plan on picking up at least two pieces because it's guaranteed to become a new favorite if it isn't already on your list of top desserts!