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staff pick: jan's famous toffee bars!

This week's staff pick is one of our most consistently munched upon snacks in the kitchen, and I know tons of you are already head-over-heels in love with this special bar cookie. This week's staff pick is Jan's Famous Toffee Bar!

Jan's Famous Toffee Bars are so famous, in fact, that it hardly seems necessary to include a description of these little bundles of joy. But for the benefit of those of you whose eyes always go straight to the cupcakes, I've got to tell you what you've been missing! Our Toffee Bars are made with a short, simple list of ingredients, but they are the best of the best ingredients. They combine to make the butteriest brown sugar shortbread bar cookie you have ever tasted. The bar is then topped with a layer of milk chocolate and sprinkled with toasted pecans, for a taste that is a pretty close approximation of toffee candy but better!

So whether you already treat yourself to one of Jan's Famous Toffee Bars every week, or whether you have simply never gotten around to trying one, this week is the week to indulge! Come to Muddy's Bake Shop today and grab a Toffee Bar. I guarantee it won't be your last!