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We are Open... with some changes!

We are Open... with some changes!

For details on our health measures, see our original health & safety plan HERE

For daily menu, click HERE

Last Updated Friday 3.20; applies to foreseeable future (edits in blue): 

  • Open 10am-6pm at East Memphis shop (5101 Sanderlin)
    Take out & Curbside!  For current menu click HERE. Call 901.683.8844 ext 1 to place your order.
  • Open 10am-6pm at Kitchen (2497 Broad Ave)
    Curbside!  We also have a great selection of tees, party plates, etc.  For current menu click HERE.  Call 901.683.8844 ext 2 to place your order.
  • Midtown shop (Cooper) is temporarily closed. 
    We love you; please come see us at our other two pickup spots!
  • Take-out only
    we have removed all in-shop seating in order to do our part to help prevent the spread of the virus
  • Continued social distancing in line 
    Please use the markers on the floor to keep lots of "personal space".  Practice your dance moves.
  • Curbside/parking lot pickup
    If you would like to arrange pickup, please call ahead 901-683-8844 and we are HAPPY to make arrangements for you!
  • Increased Take & Bake items 
    in our East Memphis shop freezer... chicken pot pie, apple pie, pie crusts, cookie dough... YUM!

We have added curbside pickups at our Kitchen on Broad Ave.  We have added lots of delicious sweets  AND savories to our Take & Bake selection.  Try one of our new at-home baking kits. 

We'll be posting more entertaining videos online soon. We also made a hand-washing demo video set to the hand-washing song by local podcast for kids, "Like You"!

We are adapting as quickly as we can, as I know you all are as well.  The last 48 hours have been heartbreaking as friends and comrades in the retail & food industry have had to make hard decisions that impact their teams, their families, and their guests. 
We are not immune.  Everyone on our team is working reduced hours; managers have all taken voluntary pay cuts and I (like literally every small business owner I know) immediately went to $0 pay.  And so far, we're fortunate in that we are even open another day-- you have been showing up for us as you are able and I can't underscore how MUCH it makes a difference. We are taking it one day at a time and appreciating every moment we have with each other and with you.  THANK YOU.  

We have been so honored to be part of  your celebrations and daily lives for twelve years and we are doing everything in our power to hang on so we can serve you for at least another dozen. 
If you have ideas, I'd love your thoughts...  contact me directly at kat(at)muddysbakeshop(dot)com 

Also, we've had lots of folks ask how they can help (because Memphis is THE BEST, obviously). Here are some immediate ways...

  • Pick up some treats for yourself and maybe some to share as care packages with a friend or neighbor.  Or even better, an elderly loved one stuck at home.
  • Been eyeing some sweet swag in our merch area?  Now is the time to rock a new apron or Muddy's tee or HELLO, adorable paper plates (since we're all about disposable things now...)
  • Buy a gift card for later use... or to gift to someone else. Or both.
  • Keep being your friendly, amazing selves-- it's SUCH a morale boost to see a friendly smile and hear an encouraging word.
  • Spread the kindness to everyone you meet.  Our mission statement includes the phrase "to be a place where kindness is contagious"... never have these words had more weight and meaning than now.  
  • Many of you have asked about tips. As you may know, Muddy's has been tip-free since opening (the "refill our community jar" is not in lieu of tips, but of coffee refills!).  We are doing everything we can to provide for our team and in these circumstances, cash tips are certainly not expected but ARE appreciated.  Any tips gathered will be combined into a single tip pool and divided among all hourly staff (retail AND bakers united!) XOXOXOXOXO.

Thank you for your support, prayers, and encouragement.  I'll keep this post updated as I know more.  I love each and every one of you.