What's Baking Today

We're closed for a bit,
The ovens are cold.
The gnomies are home,
The last pies are sold.
But never you fear,
And don't you dare fret.
We'll bake again soon...
It ain't over yet!

... read our letter re: the closing and vision for re-opening


What's happening in the meantime?
Glad you asked... we are cooking up fun ways to love + serve you even while closed.

  • Call the shop 901.683.8844 and follow the prompts for fun surprises
  • Hand-washing demo with music by Like You mindfulness podcast for kids
  • *coming soon* ... "Muddy's Fun House: super fantastic at home bake-a-long & variety show!"  Imagine a low-budget, low-talent (but big-heart) mashup of Julia Child + Captain Kangaroo. Stay up to date on our blog


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