Current Updates + FAQ

Muddy's is OPEN... just different! 
We are currently operating a weekly "bake sale" out of our Kitchen in the Broad Ave Arts District.
  • Reserve ahead: order online Sun-Thu for Thu-Sat contactless pickup at our kitchen "back door" (we reassess our capacity & reset "inventory" for the coming week Sat night).
  • Walk in & shop: the front room of our kitchen is open Fri & Sat 1pm-5pm.  Please wear your mask & give others 6 ft space.
  • Need an extra special custom cake or decorated cookies? email to set up a consultation call/virtual meeting.  

The Midtown shop is permanently closed (see FAQ, below) and the Sanderlin shop is not yet reopen.



    last updated: July 21, 2020 by Kat Gordon

    What steps are you taking to ensure safety?
    Lots! Click here to see our overall Health & Wellness Precautions and here for our Safety Rules for Vendor Deliveries. 

    When will you re-open fully?  What stages are planned? (updated 7.21.20)
    Our stages for re-opening are outlined here.  Please keep in mind that this WILL be edited as we go; it's only our best guess given current information.  We will move ahead only as we deem it safe to do so AND taking into account resources available. Sustainability and safety are the name of this game!

    What’s going on at the Kitchen?
    So much! For the last few years, I’ve actually spent the majority of my time on Broad Ave at our kitchen (we’ve been baking there since 2012!) and I love it.  It’s where we make almost everything you love- from scratch, super fresh- and you can even watch the action through the windows.  We’re mixing, creaming, folding, whipping, scooping, and baking… but also offering “back door” pickups of favorite baked goods, kitchen provisions, merch, and more.
    We hope to open up the front room soon for light walk-in "bake sale" & kitchen provision shopping.

    Where is the Kitchen?
    2497 Broad Ave, 38112.  If you're coming from out east, Sam Cooper is a fast & easy way to get to us.  If coming from the west, take Summer Ave/North Parkway or Poplar to Hollywood, then turn east onto Broad.
    The Broad Ave Arts District is nestled right in the heart of Memphis :) We are a little south of Summer Ave, a little north of Poplar, a little east of Hollywood, and a little west of Tillman.  Very near Overton Park (the Memphis Zoo, Brooks Museum, Levitt Shell) and the Greenline.
    When you're driving down Broad and looking for Muddy's specifically, we are right across from the iconic water tower at the corner of Broad & Merton.

    When will the retail shops re-open?
    We’re not sure, but probably not for a while yet.  (scroll down for an update added 7.21.20 re: Midtown specifically)
    Covid cases continue to rise and I will need to see community-wide mask usage & decreasing positivity rates before we could realistically explore robust walk-in options.  In the meantime, we will focus on really acing our safety & wellness practices, making delicious food, and creatively serving our community from our kitchen.

    When will *item* be available/on the menu?
    We will slowly expand our selection as we go, while prioritizing the signature favorites.  
    In order to practice safety and have a chance of sustainability, we are operating with a very small team, limited hours, and carefully curated supplies.  We have extremely limited resources right now and are making every effort to steward them well so that we can hopefully last through this crisis.
    However, we are sharing many of our recipes on the Muddy’s Fun House show so you can bake along!

    When will you begin taking custom orders?
    Our custom studio manager, Caolinn, is doing order consultations via phone/Zoom.  If you have a wedding or other specialty custom need, email studio(at)muddysbakeshop(dot)com to set up your appointment. 

    Can I still buy flour, sugar, baking supplies?
    Yes! In fact, we are expanding the selection.
    So many of you have responded enthusiastically to the baking tips and favorite ingredients featured on Muddy’s Fun House, so we are adding more of the specialty ingredients that we use at Muddy’s to our “mini-market”!

    Can I use the gift cards I bought before you closed?
    Yes, it’s just a couple extra steps right now. Our online order system is a different platform than our gift card system (sigh, technology) and our shops aren’t yet open. 
    To use your gift card for an online order, just bear with us a bit…  complete your online order with your credit card and in the special notes, let us know you’d like to use a gift card. We’ll call you to do it manually and it will “refund” your credit card for your gift card amount.  So it’s a little clunky right now, but it works! 

    Will you keep doing the Fun House Show?
    Yes! It's been so fun and loads of you have reached out to let us know how much you're enjoying it.   Yay!

    I heard something about a Food Truck…?
    We wrote a food truck into our 2020 vision back in 2015, and while we might not make it this year, we have been scouting! If you know of an affordable food truck for sale, email me at kat(at)muddysbakeshop(dot)com 

    Can I still nominate a nonprofit for the “Refill Jar”?
    Not yet. We are brainstorming to come up with a good way to continue this program while we are still closed for walk-in and even when we do, we will honor the commitments we made to the organizations that had been nominated and selected for the last few months (when we ended up being closed) by moving them into the first slots when we reopen.

    I heard you sold the Midtown store...?   
    I sold the property, not the business, and have been leasing back from the new owner month-to-month while assessing next steps. It's a huge relief to pay the bank back and no longer have that mortgage. The new owner made it clear that he would love for Muddy's to stay as long as we want to. I really appreciate the enormous amount of flexibility he's given me during a challenging time.

    Will the Midtown store reopen?   (added  7/21/20)
    I've decided not to reopen the store on Cooper.  We will be shifting our Midtown retail presence permanently to our kitchen on Broad Ave.
    Why?  Most urgently and relevantly to the moment, three locations (3 rents, 3 utility bills, 3 of everything...) is not sustainable for the business at this time. No doubt about it, we are very definitely in Survival Mode and we cannot afford to maintain 3 footprints. 
    However, I've also known for a while now that being a three location operator is not sustainable for me personally long term.  I've felt spread too thin for years and while I certainly never wanted the current situation to happen, do truly believe that consolidating the business will ultimately be a good thing for the heart & soul of Muddy's... and for me.
    And while we're sad to leave Cooper, inviting y'all to our kitchen is very exciting! We're thrilled for you to be able to see (and smell!) the action in the kitchen, just like when I first opened Muddy's waaaay back in '08. Also, Broad Ave is so close to my home in Midtown that it doesn't actually feel like we're leaving the neighborhood.
    This change is bittersweet and I know some of you will be disappointed, but this also feels like a big step toward wholeness, sustainability, and hope in a future that includes Muddy's continuing to love & serve Memphis.
    Thank you for almost 6 great years on Cooper and I look forward to seeing you on Broad Ave!

    Is Muddy's closing? (updated 7/21/20)
    I do NOT plan to close Muddy's (hopefully all the info provided here is evidence of that!)
    Real talk though:  The future is tenuous.  I plan to give this everything I've got (as I have from the very beginning in '08), but also know that survival of the business is far from secure.
    We're working on the long term vision for Muddy's (we were in the process of writing our 2025 vision back in March!) and will share it soon.  It WILL look different than some of you may have been expecting, both in ways that are in response to the current crisis AND some ways that are important to me and the business I want to work in for at least another dozen years.
    I very much look forward to sharing it with you.

    More questions not answered here?
    Email me at kat(at)muddysbakeshop(dot)com 
    For order inquiries, email orders(at)muddysbakeshop(dot)com