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what's in my toolbox? part deux

And here is the second installation of "what's in my toolbox?" Enjoy!

More Tools in the Kitchen Kat Finds Essential

-Bench Scraper. Seriously, this is The Best. Chop. Measure heights. Make a straight edge. Clean your workspace. Love love love.

-Scissors. A good pair of scissors is a MUST in the kitchen. I use mine to trim pie dough, cut meat, and (this might just be a Gordon thing) cut spaghetti. :) I'm sure there are plenty of good brands out there, but my mother has always sworn by Fiskars and I am true to the orange handles.

-cookie cutters. Use 'em to cut shapes to top pies, cut sandwiches for kids' tea parties, and of course, cut cookies. You can find these at most estate sales for super-cheap.

-Whisk and spatula. I prefer a balloon whisk and a 12" flat rubber spatula, but see what feels good to you. You want them to fit comfortably in your hand so it feels like an extension of your own arm.

I hope you've enjoyed reading and maybe even gotten some good tips!

xoxo, Kat