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Which Rolling Pin Is Right?

Which Rolling Pin Is Right?

Updated September 2023

You may have noticed our beautiful selection of rolling pins for sale in our bakers’ tools section. You imagine yourself in your sun-dappled kitchen rolling out a flaky pie crust or sumptuous butter cookies while a bird chirps outside...  but then anxiety sets in.  “Which rolling pin to choose? Which is right for me?”

Much like wands, the pin often chooses the baker.  There are strong opinions out there about which style is “the best”, but at the end of the day, the best rolling pin is the one that feels most comfortable in YOUR hands.

A few pointers:

  • If you struggle to get even thickness, try the Lovely Rolling Dowel. It’s notched so that you can easily roll dough to a perfect ¼” thickness, ideal for most roll out cookies.
  • If you tend to press down hard, flattening dough a bit too forcefully, a tapered French dowel will help you disperse pressure more lightly and the tapered sides will encourage you to pay attention and move the dough around a bit- very helpful for many bakers.
  • If you like the feel of the classic “Old School” roller, as I do, just make sure to choose the appropriate size. The best fit is the one that is about as wide as your shoulders- you don’t want to have to splay your arms out while rolling, nor do you want to squeeze them in too narrow.

We’re proud to sell a variety of styles of rolling pin, all made with American hardwood by J.K. Adams, a woodworking company in Vermont.  With a little TLC, they’ll last a lifetime and yield many, many batches of well rolled cookies!

Come and browse for your perfect fit:

  • Youth Old School Roller, perfectly sized for young bakers ... $16
  • Petite Old School Roller, 18" wide... $18
  • Gourmet Old School Roller, 21" wide... $24
  • French taper dowel, a favorite of many pastry chefs... $18
  • "Lovely" dowel, rolls perfect 1/4" thickness every time! ... $22