Private Group Work/Life Class


*** inquiry for private Work/Life classes only please; for other questions, please see FAQ and/or email us directly***

Now your team can learn our team's 'secret recipes' for success!
Behind all the cupcakes, cookies, butter, and sugar is a lot of intentional investment in leadership & teamwork skills.  You and your team can take the same training classes that we've taught internally for years.  
Check out our current menu of class options (menu is for in-person class; virtual class options are the same, but pricing may vary).  

In-person classes are typically hosted in our on-site classroom attached to our shop, but if you'd like us to come to you or to host offsite elsewhere (like a team "retreat" experience at St. Columba Retreat Center), let us know and we can discuss the details.

Fill out the form above to get started planning your private workshop.  Please keep in mind that these events require advance planning & set up, so should be booked at least 3 weeks in advance.  

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Hoping for a virtual experience? 
Hooray! We can host these over Zoom if you've got a widespread team or if you have one a little too large to fit comfortably in one in-person space. 


3 P's to get the most from your training investment:

  • Prepare- before the workshop, clearly communicate to your coworkers why you're investing in this training and what you hope they'll do with it.  
  • Participate- it goes a long way for the boss to take part in the learning!
  • Practice- afterward, follow up with coworkers about what they learned and give them opportunities to practice applying the learning to their work.