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Signature Swirl- Tiered Cake

Signature Swirl- Tiered Cake

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About this Design
Part of our timeless weddings collection, this is a beautiful cake for (of course) weddings, but also birthdays, graduations, and more! This cake is designed to stand alone as a stunning centerpiece but also to work beautifully adorned with flowers (arrange with your florist). 
Each cake is iced in our signature Muddy's swirl finish, for a cake that is stunning in its simplicity.  Choose your cake flavor, size, etc and we'll do the rest!  
Serves approximately 44 "wedding/catering" slices or 30 standard slices.

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About Muddy's Decorated Cakes 

Each cake is made fresh, from scratch and decorated by one of our talented cake artists. Your cake will look very similar to the photo, but each cake is unique and decorated by hand. No two cakes are exactly alike!

Our decorated cake designs vary by season, but we feel confident there's a great design available for every occasion. 

6" layer cake : serves 4-6
8" layer cake: serves 10-14
4" smash cake: serves 2
13x9" sheet cake: serves 24
two-tier cake (6"/9"): serves 30-40

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Large Custom Orders
To order cupcakes or cookies with your logo or a similar “bulk” custom design (100+ servings), please email orders(at)muddysbakeshop(dot)com

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