About Muddy's Bake Shop

Our Mission is simple...

We strive to make Memphis happier by creating delightful experiences and delicious food, being kind to everyone we meet, and doing the right thing.

What do we serve?

We serve the greater good… like a super-hero.
Actually, we bake & serve amazingly yummy, freshly baked, baked treats in small batches... cakes, cupcakes, cookies, pies, brownies, etc, and yummy items like banana puddin’ and pimiento cheese.

Why choose Muddy’s?

We believe in being a good neighbor. Our eggs come from cage-free or free-range hens and we use organic whole milk- no added hormones for us! We recycle, compost, and refuse to use styrofoam. We also don’t charge for coffee refills and we never accept tips; instead, all the change in our “refill our community with positive change” jar goes to a different local non-profit each month (nominate a local non-profit HERE) and our employees are can volunteer in the community up to 6 hours a month-- on the clock, paid. 

We use good ingredients. We don’t pack our goodies with preservatives and gross stuff. My Dad always says, “there’s no such thing as cooking wine” which sums up his belief that you shouldn’t cook with something you don’t want to drink/eat… if you take short-cuts by using icky ingredients, you’re going to get icky food.  We use organic whole milk, cage free eggs, loads of real fruit, pure extracts, amazingly delicious chocolate, and lots and lots of real butter to create simply delicious treats he old fashioned way.

We don’t advertise. Not ever. Why do you care? You care because it means we keep our prices affordable by eliminating an ad budget. We rely on the quality of our food and service to KEEP our current guests rather than chase after new ones. We involve YOU by relying on you to spread the word if you like us and let us know how we can improve if you don’t. We’re only contacting you if you requested it; there’s no side of spam with your pie! It means we’re keepin’ it real, dude!

We’re super-awesome. Seriously.

We Are a Fam-i-ly (business)!

The Muddy's village is made of up of people who have chosen to pursue a career where they connect with their community through baked goods; we do this because we love to bake (and eat!) and we love people.  
Over the years we've expanded from a staff of 6 at one wee shop to one of 50 spread across three locations.  Kat opened the original shop in 2008 on Sanderlin and over the years we've added another kitchen to help with production as well as a 2nd retail shop on Cooper, which also houses our coffee bar.  
We are amazed and grateful at the encouragement and support from our community over the years and are proud to have maintained the same ideals and values we opened with: stewardship of God's gifts, outstanding service to others, real & delicious food, constant learning, gratitude, healthy finance, integrity at every level, and meaningful, fulfilling work for all employees.  We look forward to many more magical years with you.

Video courtesy of; filmed in 2012

So WHO ARE you people?

Meet Your Makers....bwah ha ha!

Post Scriptum

Oodles of thanks to family, friends, employees, and customers who have shared their favorite recipes with me over the years… and kindly volunteered to taste-test my goodies! This shop wouldn’t be possible without your endless support, encouragement, suggestions, and prayers.


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