muddy's "grind house"
... a coffee bar inside of a bake shop!

Yes, we have two retail shops.  No, they are not identical!

The Muddy's in Midtown used to be a residential home, so it provided lots more space and a fabulous backyard.  While our Midtown shop does offer the full line of Muddy's cakes, cookies, cupcakes, pies, etc, we also host the "grind house", our full service coffee bar.  Muddy's baristas are regularly brewing up the most delicious espresso drinks, top notch teas, and a rotating selection of featured drip coffees- the perfect accompaniment to your slice of pie!

We also host an in-house baker who whips up dreamy items just for this location-- melt-in-your-mouth scones, flaky biscuits, and world-class biscotti.  Swing by for a delicious beverage, a tasty treat, and some good times on the porch.  

yummy treats in the bakery case

In addition to the Midtown-specific treats like scones and biscuits, we feature the same great items you'll find in the East Memphis retail shop.  Check out the daily menu here.
Want to place a pre-order for delicious treats?  Click here for our pre-order menu.

espresso drinks

We proudly use espresso from Zingerman's Coffee Co in Ann Arbor, MI. Their attention to detail and dedication to excellence has made them a consistent and delightful supplier and we are so thrilled to serve some of the country's best espresso.

Decaf espresso is also available!  

Espresso... enjoy a demitasse of espresso          
Con Panna... espresso + a dollop of whipped cream 
Americano...  espresso + water (hot or iced)
Cappuccino... espresso + equal parts steamed milk & foam 
Café Latte... espresso + steamed milk (hot or iced)
Mocha... espresso + steamed milk + chocolate + whipped cream (hot or iced)
Café Breve... espresso + steamed half n half (hot or iced)
Café Macchiato... espresso + dollop foamed milk 
Tuxedo Mocha... dark chocolate + white chocolate mocha (hot or iced)
Raspberry White Mocha... raspberry + white chocolate mocha (hot or iced)
Caramel Creme Latte... caramel + white chocolate mocha (hot or iced)
Dirty Chai... chai latte + a shot of espresso (hot or iced)

We use organic whole milk unless requested otherwise, but we also serve skim, 2%, half n half, soy milk, and almond milk.

currently featured drip coffees

Our drip coffees are constantly changing. We source from roasters all over the country, seeking to make sure that we (and you!) are exposed to a variety of beans and blends. We love discovering new people dedicated to their craft and greatly enjoy the thrill of tasting with you all that this industry has to offer. We are currently featuring...

Blueprint Tekton v.3
Bow Truss Canopy Blend
Bow Truss Decaf Brazil Almendras


cold brew

Our cold brew is a custom blend made just for us by Coffee Klatsch in Huntsville. 

"What is cold brew?", you ask.... Cold Brew coffee is made with cold water over 48 hours. This creates a drink with lower acidity and more smoothness. Enjoy it cold or heat it up for the smoothest cup o' joe you've ever had.

tea & other delicious drinks

Hot tea... Rishi teas we currently stock are Jade Cloud, Chamomile Medley, Pu-erh Bordeaux, Earl Grey, Mystic Mint, Ancient Golden Yunnan, English Breakfast, Silver Needle, Cinnamon Plum, Peach Blossom, & Tangerine Ginger
Iced Tea... traditional iced black tea
Peach Iced Tea... black tea + peach
London Fog... Earl Grey steeped in steamed milk with a dash of vanilla
Wonderland Tea Latte... Earl Grey steeped in steamed milk + lavender + honey
Matcha Latte... matcha green tea powder + steamed milk

Chai Latte... Rishi chai tea with steamed milk 
Turmeric Ginger Chai Latte... Rishi turmeric ginger chai tea with steamed milk
Hot Chocolate... steamed milk + chocolate 
Foamy Milk + flavor... kids’ favorite!

Plus, our August drink of the month: Cherry Cold Brew Tonic <3
By popular demand, our July drink of the month, Raspberry Mint Iced Tea, is also still available. Huzzah!


flavors options

Add a shot of flavor to your latte, cappuccino, foamy milk, or whatever your little heart may desire!

organic vanilla
organic caramel
organic hazelnut
organic almond
organic cardamom
chocolate sauce
white chocolate sauce
caramel sauce
pumpkin sauce

cane syrup
sugar-free caramel
sugar-free vanilla
sugar-free hazelnut

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