Coffee Beans

The Delicious Details

Muddy's House Blend by our friends at Dr. Beans!

We wanted our signature coffee to be a high quality, full flavor cup of coffee to enjoy on its own, but also a delicious sidekick for our array of fresh baked goodies... and boy, did they deliver!

Dr. Beans specially created this tasty blend of beans from Guatemala, Colombia, and  Ethiopia just for us. You'll taste notes of caramel & chocolate with a slightly nutty yet crisp finish. 
It's  also versatile-- this blend was designed to work well as a drip coffee for us to serve in our shop, but also yield a top-notch cup using a variety of home  brewing  methods like chemex, french press,  and even espresso!

Each package is 12 oz of whole beans.

We are so proud to work with Dr. Beans, one of our very favorite roasters.


Roaster's Notes:

  • Medium roast 
  • Full bodied
  • Notes of caramel, chocolate, nut, hint of berry at the finish
  • Recommended brew methods: drip, pour over/Chemex, French press, espresso, cold brew
  • For best results, use within 2 weeks of opening and grind just prior to brewing.