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Trick or Treat Yo'self: Our Halloween Sweets!

Who says kids should have all the Halloween fun? While the kiddos are stocking up on candy from the neighbors, pop in the shops to grab our spooktacular limited edition sweets! Only available in shop the week of Halloween, so...

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Introducing… the East Memphis Take & Bake Freezer!

It will be hard to find someone as excited about a new kitchen appliance as we are about this one! We are thrilled to announce that our East Memphis shop will now be offering a variety of Muddy’s Take and...

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A-peeling Peach Pies

Is there anything more succulent than a fresh peach, perfectly ripe?  Maybe not, but I'll tell ya-- our peach pie comes awfully close! We use about two and a half pounds of fresh peaches in every pie. We only make this summer treat...

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