Service to others is the heart of our business, and we practice it daily through our yum-mazing treats and happy hospitality. We also believe in using our blessings to benefit others as we are able. Our Memphis community supports and inspires our work at Muddy’s every single day. Huzzah!

Our Approach to Community Investment

Product & Event Donations
Muddy’s has a long history of enthusiastically supporting causes that are dear to our company and our Memphis community. We recognize there are many causes worthy of  support, and sadly cannot fulfill all requests. It is an honor to support Memphis-based charitable organizations committed to making our community a more vibrant place to live, learn, and work. We prioritize organizations setting others up for success through family support, education, and empowerment.

Request a Donation
Due to the high number of donation requests we receive, we are unable to honor each and every one. Requests that explicitly state what type of donation is desired (including information on number and type of items desired), are received at least two weeks in advance, include accurate contact information, and meet our giving priorities in our local Memphis community have the best chance of being fulfilled.

Please use the form below to nominate an organization to request a product donation or invite our team to a charitable event!

Giving FAQ

What types of organizations does Muddy’s typically support with donations?

Organizations must be Memphis based and committed to making our community a more vibrant place to live, learn, and work. We focus our community giving efforts as close to home as we can, prioritizing education, arts, & family support in the Binghampton neighborhood first, then the wider Memphis area.

How do I request a donation or invite gnomies to my volunteer event?

Use the magical form on this page. Please include any relevant details-- clear information is easier to say "yes" to!

I filled out the form... now what?

You will receive an email from a gnomie confirming receipt of your inquiry within two weeks.

Will Muddy’s donate leftover or damaged treats to my event?

We take pride in our food AND stewardship, which means we believe none of our customers deserve less than our best. (also, we aim to minimize leftovers!)
If you’re interested in a product donation, please fill out the form below, and we’ll be glad to consider a donation of our tastiest treats.

Will someone from Muddy's speak at my school’s Career Day, my nonprofit’s leadership event, or some other awesome event?

We love visiting our friends in the community!
To start a conversation, please send relevant details (including date, time, location, etc) to giving(at)
Muddy's Bake Shop Custom Studio Manager

Kirby Rogers

Community Impact Coordinator

Kirby has loved the Memphis community since childhood. After graduating from Rhodes in 2015, she joined the Muddy’s team at the East Memphis shop and has loved getting to know customers. She is so excited to take on the Community Investment Coordinator role to further reach the Memphis community beyond the walls of the shop. She hopes to create bridges between Muddy’s gnomies and the many organizations that are helping make Memphis a happier place!

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