Treat Truck

WAHOOOOO! We're rollin' into happy days...
Introducing Muddy's Treat Truck!

What to Expect:
  • We're new at this and will learn by trial & error... how many people to expect to show up, how much to stock, the mechanical quirks of a 20 year old diesel postal truck, and more. It's an adventure! 

  • Please help keep these events safe for all: wear a mask, give others space, and credit card only (no cash handling). 

  • Menu is a small selection of Muddy's favorites! A few flavors of cupcakes & cookies, our house blend coffee by Dr. Beans, and a  few seasonal surprises. See a sample menu HERE.

  • Especially at first, things might move a little slow. We'd always imagined having two people manning the truck, but during this pandemic, Muddy's is maintaining physical distancing standards for staff as part of our "safely open" strategy... only 1 person can work inside the truck and maintain this standard.  As you can imagine, this also impacts our baking capacity in the kitchen!

  • Our capacity is limited both by what we can make in the kitchen and physical space inside the vehicle. Please expect that items will sell out!

Upcoming Stops Planned:

Check our social media for the latest update, as hopes & plans may have to adjust due to weather, etc. 

Our Treat Truck is getting a bit of much needed maintenance to get her in tip-top shape for the beautiful weather to come...



    A few appreciations...

    • Teresa of Street Coffee in the Nashville area: thanks for the truck! We love her and are taking good care of her. Best of luck on your new brick & mortar coffee shop!
    • Barry at Signworks in Cooper-Young: thanks for the gorgeous truck wrap and working through so many drafts with me to get it just right! Amazing customer service and craftsmanship.
    • Jacob at El Mero Taco/SayCheese: thank you for all the help, advice, and encouragement in getting this started! You are our truck guru.  
    • Jeff at Powerhouse Motors: taking 'neighborly kindness' to new levels. Thanks for helping us learn the ins & outs of our diesel vehicle, making "house calls", and more!
    • The incredible Muddy's team past & present: The "alumni" who wrote the truck into our long term vision all the way back in 2015 and the present gnomies who have worked so hard to make this happen! Learning how to drive a giant truck, all about diesel, troubleshooting generators...  you're the bomb dot com.