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Muddy's Fun House: Season 1 Round Up

Muddy's Fun House: Season 1 Round Up

We finished a whole dozen episodes for our 1st season of Muddy’s Fun House: Super Fantastic At Home Bake-A-Long & Variety Show-- HUZZAH! 

Missed any of the fun from the last 12 episodes? We compiled a handy Season 1 episode guide to get you caught up before we start Season 2! Just click those links, y'all. Easy, peasy.

(New to the Fun House? Here's a little FAQ about the show.)

Episode 1: Preston’s Cake + Spring Garland

The one that started it all! We join our host Kat in her kitchen to make an old family recipe: a super simple chocolate cake with a peanut butter glaze that uses some classic pantry staples. We also make a super springy garland, perfect to add a bit of pizazz to any space.

Episode 2: Sourdough Scones + Storytime

We got a little help from our friends for Episode 2: Sylvia of the blog Feasting at Home lends us her yummy Sourdough Scone recipe for the bake-a-long (we even use my gifted sourdough starter Audrey to make them... thanks, Caolinn & C.J.) and Shaila Karkera lets us read her children’s Giving Thanks and then joins us for a little Q & A. 

Episode 3: Thumbprint Cookies + Theatre Games

In this episode, we baked up a batch of Muddy's thumbprint cookies with a sweet dollop of Dodson's Farm jams. Things also got a bit out of our comfort zone (in a good way!) with our dear friend and former gnomie Hunter Beckham as he guided us through some fun theatre games.

Episode 4: Mindful Breathing + Berries & Cream Cake

For Episode 4, Muddy's own Leah Chaney leads us in a mindful breathing exercise from our friends at the "Like You" mindfulness podcast for kids (recorded right here in Memphis)! We move into the kitchen to bake a no-fuss summer berry cake. What better way is there to use fresh berries than as a cake topping? :-) 

Episode 5: Mint Brownie Bites + Award Ribbon Craft

High FIVE-- we made tiny versions of one of our most beloved Muddy's treats: minty brownies! Hard to feel guilty when eating a bunch when they are this oh-so adorable. We also crafted some awards for a few friends who are amazing and more than award-worthy. Make them for some special people in your life...or better yeat, one for yourself! You deserve a little love too.

Episode 6: Chai Latte Cake + Bandana Basics

We kicked it up a notch in Episode 6 with a spice-packed Chai Latte Cake and Buttercream... YUM! We are also joined once again by our delightful gnomie Leah Chaney to teach you how to tie your scarf or bandana just like we do at Muddy's. 

Episode 7: Sourdough Biscuits + A Bit of Cheer

Sourdough starter Audrey is back in action in Episode 7 for these easy to customize sourdough biscuits! We use fresh cracked pepper and rosemary, but the options are unlimited... so get crazy! We also talk about how we turn a blue day around. There may or may not be some dancing involved. :-)

Episode 8: Flour Power + Journalism

Baking really IS a science, and we learned just that in Episode 8 thanks to a mail bag question. You'll learn all about cake flour and get to bake a delightful cream cheese pound cake in the process-- WIN-WIN! We also talk with local student-journalist Gahana about her interest in the subject and about high school life under quarantine.

Episode 9: Cherry Heart Cookies

We break our usual format in Episode 9 with a bake-a-long only episode. But don't worry, we didn't skimp out on the fun! We bake one of our most cult-followed seasonal Muddy's favorites: our "barely cherry" heart cookies!!!! We were just so giddy to share this beloved recipe that is not only super delicious but also super fun to make. Hooray! 

Episode 10: Scone Basics + Caterpillar Races


We teach you the basics of scone making in Episode 10, using a super simple scone foundation perfect for your own add-ins. (We use lemon and fresh rosemary for ours!) We also get a little cooky with our craft that also doubles as a game! Grab a partner and have a bit of fun. :-) 

Episode 11: Kat’s Favorite Cookie

Yes, you read that right. This chai spice molasses cookie is one of my all-time favorite treats ever, once again courtesy of my friend Sylvia and her blog Feasting at Home. If you are a fan of our ginger molasses cookies, I think you will be oh-so happy with this punch-of-spice cookie!

Episode 12: From the Mailbag—Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

 For our season finale, we answer a mail bag question about our favorite secret weapon: instant espresso powder. We use this extra-oomph ingredient in a classic chocolate chip banana bread for a delightful twist on a classic recipe.

And that's a wrap! As always, a huge thank you to our patrons on Patreon for making the first dozen episodes (and more!) possible. We couldn't do it without you. :-)

We had an absolute blast creating this kooky little show for y'all and can't wait to keep it going in season 2 of Muddy's Fun House!