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Muddy's Fun House: Season 2 Round Up

Muddy's Fun House: Season 2 Round Up

With the conclusion of Season 2, we've got TWO DOZEN episodes of Muddy’s Fun House: Super Fantastic At Home Bake-A-Long & Variety Show under our belt-- WOW Y'ALL! 

Missed any of the fun from the second batch of episodes? We compiled a handy Season 2 episode guide to get you caught up before we start Season 3 in the new year! Just click those links, and happy watching!

(New to the Fun House? Here's a little FAQ about the show.)

Episode 2.1: Christmas in July

We started Season 2 with a Muddy's tradition: Christmas in July! We get into the holly jolly spirit with a long-lost Muddy's holiday cookie bake-a-long: Double Chocolate Peppermint Cookies! We also wrote some early letter's to Santa... thank you note style. :-)

Episode 2.2: Tollhouse Jack Pie + Pie Hat Craft

For Episode 2 is a full-on pie palooza! First, we bake together a shop favorite, Tollhouse Jack Pie: chocolate chip-pecan pie with a bit of a boozy twist. We then make a totally adorable craft for all our fellow pie lovers out there-- PIE HATS! 

Episode 2.3: Elvis Week!

Episode 3 fell on the calendar during a very important time here in Memphis... Elvis Week! That's right-- we celebrate the King of Rock and Roll with a cake tribute to his famous favorite sandwich: peanut butter and banana. 

Episode 2.4: Back to School Special

In Episode 4 we are joined by our first guest of the season for a back to school bash! Former Muddy's gnomie and current 4th grade teacher Allie Foster chats with us about the new world of virtual learning and shares some tips on focus, empathy, and gratitude for the student in your life. We also bake together a lunchbox classic-- oatmeal cream pies!

Episode 2.5: Cardamom Butter Cookies + Yoga with Yo

We get a little bit of spice in Episode 5! First we bake using the "queen of spice"--cardamom-- in a classic butter cookie to really pack a punch. We even get a visit from logal yogi Yo Clark from Any Body Yoga, and she shares how she incorporates hospitality in her studio and teaches a simple, desk-doable breathing exercise.

Episode 2.6: Honeyed Fig Coffee Cake

For Episode 6, we take a deep dive into the art of "tasting" your food, not just eating! For this guided exercise we bake together a tasty (...hehe) coffee cake using fresh honeyed figs and a special shortcut... Muddy's vanilla cake mix! 

Episode 2.7: Lindye's Honey Rosemary Cookies + Pocket Notebooks

We are transported back to 2008 and the inception of Muddy's with Episode 7's bake-a-long: Lindye's Honey Rosemary Cookies. We even use fresh rosemary from our Kitchen's GIANT rosemary bush! (If you're ever in the neighborhood, ask us for a clipping!) We also craft wee-sized notebooks to stash in your pockets for easy access when that bright idea comes to mind.

Episode 2.8: Lemon Thyme Butter Cookies

In Episode 8 we totally nerd-out over something seemingly small but a HUGE difference maker when baking: how to properly measure flour using volume and weight! Aaaaaand we do so by baking our Lemon Thyme Butter Cookies with a pop of citrus and fresh herbs-- educational AND delicious!

Episode 2.9: Buttermilk Pie + Paper Clouds

Episode 9 is a love letter to an under-appreciated but overly delicious pie: Old-Fashioned Buttermilk! Special shoutout to my friend Katherine for inspiring this bake-a-long and for our mutual love for this delicious treat. :-) We also craft a super simple paper cloud decoration that used to hang in our original shop way back when! 

Episode 2.10: Halloween Cookie Monsters


For our spooktacular Halloween episode, it's a decorate-a-long with a double recipe share! We teach you how to make both a classic vanilla buttercream and a simple royal icing to keep in your back pocket for fun cookie decorating. We turned ours into monsters, but we'd love for you to get creative with these as your starting point any time of the year! 

Episode 2.11: Crispy Savory Crackers + Mindfulness with Noah

We mix things up in Episode 11 with a savory bake! Ever had the joy of tasting a crispy, flavorful homemade cracker? Now you can! We walk you through an oh, so simple recipe and show you 3 different ways to spice them up. We are also joined by Noah Glenn, host of the Like You Mindfulness Podcast for Kids, for a mindfulness tea party!

Episode 2.12: Lemon Ice Box Pie

For our Season 2 finale, we bake a cool southern classic: Lemon Icebox Pie! It's zesty, creamy, and full of fresh lemon flavor. We use our own Take & Bake All Butter Crust and walk you through how & when to blind bake (or "parbake") a pie crust. Is there anything better for a season finale than a yum-mazing pie? We don't think so. :-) 

And that's a wrap on another dozen episodes! As always, a huge thank you to our patrons on Patreon for making two seasons (and more!) possible. We couldn't do it without you. <3

We have had such a ball making this fun little show for all of our friends-- cheers to Season 3!