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staff pick: strawberry thumbprint cookies!

Muddy's bakers have been super busy these last few weeks developing a TON of brand-new recipes for our spring menu! Honestly, there are so many new, exciting things to taste that we don't even care about swimsuit season around the corner. We are loving it all! As difficult as it is to choose one thing to showcase this week, there is a particular cookie that beckons to be placed in the spotlight. The Strawberry Thumbprint Cookie: it's fun to make and even more fun to eat! Come to the shop this week--May 5-10--and see for yourself!

We start with our deliciously simple five-ingredient butter cookie dough. We shape each cookie, roll every last one of them in sugar, and then fill them with the tastiest of strawberry preserves. And only then do we bake the Strawberry Thumbprint Cookies until they are ever so slightly golden and the butteryness and the strawberryness have melded into the classic cookie of your dreams!

You may have had something like this cookie out of a tin, but you haven't really lived until you have tried a Strawberry Thumbprint Cookie fresh out of the kitchen. We bakers are excited to see our customers finally enjoying the fruits of our labors here at Muddy's Bake Shop, so please come and try one of these amazing new cookies this week! You'll make a baker's day with your smile at that first bite, and we are confident that you'll make your own day while you are at it!