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featured flavors: bluesville pie + iced star cookies are patriotically delish this week!

July 4 is less than a week away, and what could be a better reason to break out the most American of pies? No, it's not apple (although we have that too!). It's the best blueberry pie on Earth, otherwise known as Muddy's Bluesville Pie.

Bluesville Pie

Our world famous (featured in the New York Times, yo) buttery, flaky pie crust holds a filling of the season's finest fresh blueberries, perfectly sweetened and seasoned and topped with a melt-in-your-mouth brown sugar crumble. One taste and you'll remember why you're proud to be an American, where blueberries were first successfully farmed exactly 100 years ago in New Jersey! And it was 42 years ago, in 1974, that the USDA declared July to be National Blueberry Month. So knock out two birds with one stone--or, more accurately (and more deliciously)--celebrate two holidays with one pie by treating yourself to either a slice of Bluesville Pie in our case any day this week OR by ordering yourself a whole pie to celebrate July 4.

Iced Star Cookies

Pies not your thing? Don't worry, Muddy's classic Iced Star Cookies are here to help every cookie person in the greater Memphis region show their patriotism ... and eat it too! Quite literally the butteriest cookie you've ever put in your mouth (that's why they're called butter cookies, after all) are handcut into generous-sized stars, baked to perfection by our talented kitchen crew, and then decorated with yellow scratch-made royal icing and sanding sugar. 

Psst. Don't forget Muddy's will be closed Monday, July 4 to give the gnomies a chance to celebrate with their families! Get your orders in for your celebratory treats by 9:30 PM, Thursday, June 30, for pick up on Saturday, July 2. Many of our treats (though not all of them) will last you until the holiday if you request we saran wrap your box. We recommend the Bluesville Pie as well as the Iced Star Cookies. If you're curious about our other treats, just call us at 901.683.8844 (for East Memphis pick up) or 901.443.4144 (for Midtown pick up) and one of the gnomies will gladly assist you in your holiday ordering!