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no ads? are you insane?

We get A LOT of calls, offers, etc. for advertising and some walk a thin line (ie:group deals that are popping up everywhere). But we turn down each and every ad-offer and we have since the beginning of Muddy's. It seems like business suicide to deliberately NOT court new customers.


In a nutshell, we rely solely on word of mouth of our customers and have from Day One. It's a pledge we make to YOU:

That we will do our best to make excellent products and provide outstanding service- to the point that we will not actively search out new customers. Rather, that we will serve our current guests to the best of our ability in the hope that if we do a good job serving you, that you will spread the word about Muddy's. From an employee training standpoint, it really emphasizes the importance of not "wasting" a single guest.

We are human and we mess up occasionally. But overall this decision has had a major impact on our business and the mindset with which we approach it. We try to look at our relationships with our customers as just that- a relationship- not a one-cake-stand.

Our marketing outlets (facebook, twitter, our newsletter) are ALL 100% customer opt-in. We don't buy mailing lists and we don't add anyone to our contact list that didn't ask to be there. Critics tell me this is dumber than dumb, but I think it's respecting people's boundaries and preferences. But then, there's a lot about the way we run our business that doesn't make sense to a lot of folks!

Our decision to not advertise was risky, and still is, but it has had amazing results for us. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart to every single one of you who has told a friend about Muddy's! YOU are our advertising and YOU keep the business thriving!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!