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we're eight years old, y'all!!! thanks for a great birthday, memphis!

Anyone else have fond memories of their eighth birthday? Guests arriving in Ninja Turtle costumes, posing for photos with friends wearing funny hats, eating so much sugar you were quite literally bouncing off the walls.... Yeah, we remember it pretty well ourselves because we, Muddy's Bake Shop, turned eight this Monday, February 29! Many of you already know we closed up the registers early on Monday so we could party properly at our shop on Sanderlin--because you were there. And we are so glad you came to celebrate with us, because you, our customers, are why we've been here for eight years. You're the reason we exist... in more ways than one!

If you didn't notice, Muddy's is a proud leap year baby, which is why, though we turned eight on Monday, it was actually just our second birthday party. And one thing we've learned from our two birthday parties is, you guys really know how to party! 

It truly was a glorious night of good friends, fabulous prizes, and yummy treats! Some of the highlights were...

Mini Prozac Cupcakes... Chocolate on chocolate done right. The full-size cupcake version is our bestselling item all year, every year! Click HERE for the mini version, or HERE for regular Prozac Cupcakes!

Double Chocolate Sea Salt Cookies... The deepest, darkest chocolate cookie you can possibly imagine--seriously you couldn't pack more chocolate in this thing--topped with sea salt. Click HERE to order yourself a dozen!

Minty Brownies... Featured in Every Day with Rachael Ray even before their recent facelift! Our dense (in the best way), fudgy brownies are studded with chocolate chunks and topped with a generous layer of melt-in-your-mouth mint icing. Click HERE for your own!

What can we say? We like chocolate, and you guys do too, apparently!

It's been a great year, you guys. Heck, it's been a great EIGHT years, and it's all thanks to you, our customers. When we say you're the reason we exist, we mean it, because...

1. Yes, our job is fun! We love the challenge we've set ourselves of baking the very best treats and making the best coffee each and every day. And we have a great time constantly endeavoring to improve on both those recipes as well as our service to you. But it would be absolutely pointless without YOU. You know, it just wouldn't be the same if we were baking thousands of goodies for nobody, making hundreds of lattes for no one, and giving great service to a brick wall. We exist to make your day happier and your Memphis a sweeter place. Every smile we see in our shops, every Instagram photo you share of our treats being enjoyed, every nice comment you make to us--be it on our wall, on a photo, or in face-to-face conversation with us right over the counter--that's why we exist!

2. You're also the reason we exist because, without your patronage, quite simply, there would be no Muddy's. Memphians (and by Memphians, I also mean y'all from the greater Memphis area of course) really do know how to party, and they really appreciate good quality, locally made goodies. And that is why we exist! We are simply thrilled that you give us the opportunity to serve you each and every day, and the opportunity you give us to share the love with our out-of-town guests too! 

2015 has seen our out-of-town traffic grow by leaps and bounds this year with our growing national and even international notoriety (we've lately been featured as the "best bakery in Tennessee" by Business Insider, and we are number 9 on BuzzFeed's list of 23 Bakeries Around The World You Need To Eat At Before You Die), allowing us to share the happiness of Memphis to our lovely guests from around the planet.

No joke, y'all, THANK YOU for a great eight years. Here's to an even greater, even happier eight years to come!