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amanda loves: sam i am

Day 223/365 I love that we have the Sam I Am cake at work!

Maybe you'll remember mention of a certain Cindy Lou Who cake in a previous post. You see, it's a very pink, very girly cake (hence the fact that it was highly hilarious for me to give one to my dad on Father's Day.) Well, I'm so glad that we offer something [mostly] completely different, the Sam I Am cake. Blue, yellow, and green inside and out, the Sam I Am is so awesome for boys' birthdays, not to mention girls who aren't that into pink. I'm particularly fond of this because I have a niece who is very definitely a little girl, but who very definitely would turn her nose up at a pink and purple cake were I to present her one. This Sam I Am cake, however, would be just her style. Big ups to Muddy's for having such diversity in the way of cake offerings!