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birthday craps

Ok, I'm veering into personal life adventures with this post, but just bear with me as I brag a little about my truly excellent taste in men.

Today is my 28th birthday. For my birthday, Thomas arranged twelve items (mostly in envelopes) on our coffee table. Each item had a large numeral on it; there were also dice. So I got to play 'birthday craps' for my presents (actually, I got numbers 6 and 8 when I woke up this morning... chai latte and bagel).

I got to roll the dice and open the corresponding envelope. He had arranged an assortment of 'real presents' (like a dinner date and Anthropologie gift card) and funnies (like a tickle attack and a 'cougar' postcard he made... I'm all of 28 days older). He is so creative and I had so much fun. Also, I highly recommend birthday craps to anyone; what a great way to open presents and celebrate a birthday! Thanks, T!!!