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jan's famous toffee bars

My mom is Jan and her toffee bars are famous (among people we know). Muddy's offers these toffee bars every single day, but to me they still taste just like Christmas. This is because Mom made these Every Single Christmas that I was growing up.

She did this for three reasons:

1. Toffee bars can be made ahead and frozen; they freeze BEAUTIFULLY.

2. Toffee bars are rectangles, so they can be cut in half to be super-cute at parties.

3. Toffee bars are incredibly delicious.

Mom's strategy was to spend an afternoon making batch upon batch of toffee bars, then cutting and freezing them. She had three children, so the convenience factor was huge. If we announced at bedtime "I forgot to tell you we have to bring a plate of cookies for the class Christmas party tomorrow" it didn't matter; she just grabbed a plate of toffee bars from the freezer. Last minute party? No problem. Hostess gift? No problem. Drop in guests? No problem.

The only problem occurred once my brothers and I were tall enough to open the freezer door. You know how your trash looks when raccoons get into it? That's how the tin foil packages of toffee bars would look once we figured out: 1. how to get into the freezer and 2. that toffee bars are also delicious super cold.

Jan's famous toffee bars are one of our most popular items at Muddy's and many of our customers follow Mom's advice and keep some stocked in the freezer for those surprise occasions.

To freeze them, wrap them first in plastic wrap, then in tin foil. Tupperware is also a life-saver. (Maybe also label them "liver" to prevent the above 'raccoon problem'!) You can even take it a step further and arrange them on a plate, then wrap and freeze. This way it is seriously grab and go!

Toffee bars are $7.20 a dozen and consist of a buttery cookie crust, smooth milk chocolate, and toasted pecans. They will change your entire life.

To place a pre-order, email or call us during business hours at 683-8844 about 2 days ahead of time. Or stop in and pick up a few at the counter!

Thanks, Mom!!!